Good morning everyone
Good morning
100: if r=0, does it still belong to a quadrant?
100: and in which quadrant should we count the coordinate axes?
100: what hapens when the circle touches an axes?
@Dekacc I will remove the r=0 test case, r will be from 1 to 40 inclusive
@Dekacc touching the axes does not count as part of the quadrant
200: If there are multiple tiles in the same column, does one shot only take the first tile or all tiles?
@SimpleMind one shot takes only the first tile
100: test case 21, 30, 34, how can the answer be 4 when the center of the coordinate system can't even be reached by the circle?
@despotovski01 checking
yeaj, I think that ans is wrong
@despotovski01 the test case result should be 3. it is changed now.
400 can bloc stands in horizontal position on one tile and one hole?
@anikov thanks
@iletavcioski It can not.
300: should we print "Circles Overlap" when the tilings needed to cover them overlap, or when the circles themselves overlap?
@Dekacc when the two circles completely overlap,meaning one of the circles is completely within the other circle.
300:should be tiles aligned in a grid? Can the tiles used overlap>
@despotovski01 I don't understand the question. the tiles are in a fixed position on integer coordinates. they can't overlap.
@anikov That was the question, thanks
@Dekacc is this clear for you as well? the tiles are in fixed positions with integer coordinates.
yea, I got it
Testing 20%
Testing 40%