Good morning peeps
Good morning
gl hf
Good luck and have fun guys
is importing standard libraries for python allowed? I am getting compilation error, but locally it works fine
@zarya importing is not allowed. you already have the most common preimported
@hsilomedus unordered_map not supported for c++?
ok, ty
@ac1d sorry, I'm not sure ...
Im getting compilation errors and locally everything works fine
@ac1d if you don't figure out an alternative, send us the solution at, we'll check it out
as mentioned on the programming languages page, currently we support g++
"?class SelfReplicatingNanobots? has no member named ?lastNanobot? (contact admins)"
@ac1d you have compilation errors
I am using C++11 locally and I do not have any complilation errors...
for 400 "city will contain exactly one 'S' character and exactly one 'E' character" these aren't mentioned elsewhere
Sorry, I will update the description right away @vlatkosh
@ac1d missing using directive. plus, the unordered_map thing...
send us the solution, we'll check it out
What is the memory limit for the problem 400?
@hsilomedus its not that, I tried it already. Nvm, I moved on... I'll send you the solution if I don't figure it out.
@limonada we don't have one specifically set. Limited by the OS mostly. However, it will fail on time limit prior to that
for 400 the characters for the holes will be always from a to h?