CodeFu Community

Competition for the community created by the community.

Be the person who creates the toughest problems for your friends.

Six community rounds are planned for 2011


  • Community competitions don't have regular awards / prizes
  • There will be one prize for the best problem writer for 2011 (voted by the community)
  • There will be one random prize awarded at the end of 2011 (after five community rounds)
    • Multiple round attendance will make the award chances higher
  • Prizes are not iPod touch, but are its equivalent, or maybe better


Basic rules for the community competitions are:

  • There is always one person from the community who creates the problems
  • The problem writer doesn't compete :)
  • Problem writer guarantees that the problems are not given to anyone else until the competition starts.
  • Community competitions are rated (same as main and seasonal competitions)
  • Admins can compete, but are not eligible for the prizes
  • Anyone can apply to be a problem writer
  • Initially problem writers will be chosen by the ranking system
  • Problem writer for following community rounds will be chosen by the results from the previous rounds
  • Problem writing is on a volontary base