Online Round Prizes

Two tablets will be given as a prize at each of the online qualification rounds.
One will be awarded to the round winner and one to a random competitor who scored more than 0 points.

About the Prizes

The competion will award prizes to up to 32 competitors. There will be no cash prizes.
The prizes suit for this competition is all0inclusive participation for 3 winners at Jazoon - The International Conference on the Modern Art of Software! The all-inclusive award covers travel from Skopje, Macedonia to Zurich, Switzerland, accommodation, living expenses and conference pass for Jazoon. Prizes will be distributed as following:


1st place Participation at Jazoon, CodeFu T-shirt and backpack
2nd place Participation at Jazoon, CodeFu T-shirt and backpack
3rd place Participation at Jazoon, CodeFu T-shirt and backpack
4th - 32nd place CodeFu T-shirt and backpack
online round 1 - winner prize tablet
online round 2 - winner prize tablet
random online round 1 prize tablet
random online round 2 prize tablet

Prize description:

Jazoon, the European industry conference on Java technology, is set to take place in Zurich.
Jazoon brings together experts and professional users of Java and open source technologies from all over Europe.
Featuring a comprehensive range of topics, renowned speakers, a varied program of social and cultural events, parallel exhibition with integrated career platform and optimal logistics, Jazoon provides young professionals and established specialists with a unique live experience of the field that is unequalled, even in the age of the Internet.

This year, the winners of CodeFu 2018 will receive a ticket to the Jazoon conference, along with covered transportation, accommodation and food.