General Rules

All of the rules detailed here still apply.

Online Qualification Rounds

Duration of the online rounds is 2 hours. 
They will be held on 11th of April and 9th of May.

  • There is no elimination between the two qualification rounds.
  • Everyone can compete in Round 1 and Round 2.
  • It is not mandatory to compete on both qualification rounds.

Online Final Round

Qualification for the final round

  • The sum of the scores is calculated from both rounds for the qualification to the final round.
  • The best 32 competitors who have the highest combined score from the two qualification rounds will qualify for the final round.
  • In case of a tie, the sum of the last submission times that bring points is calculated and used for tie resolution

The three (3) highest scorers will win the grand prize
In case of a score tie, the results from previous rounds will be taken (the sum of the score from both qualification rounds).
If there is still a tie, then the time of the last submission which brings points is taken to determine the tie breaker (the person that has shorther time for the last submission that has points will be considered as better).

The Grand Prize

As stated in the rules, we have a grand prize in the finals:

  • The first (1), second (2) and third (3) positions will receive a prize valued at 1500 euros
  • There will be no lucky winners in the final round