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Subject Wrong test cases on Sevens (2nd problem, Final Round 2009)

I checked the 1st and 3rd test case and if I understood well the problem, they must be wrong. 

1st case: with 1 digit we have 2 numbers with only zeros or sevens: 0 and 7, but in the text 1 is the right answer.

3rd case: with 1 digit 0 and 7, with 2 digits 70 and 77, with 3 digits 700, 707, 770 and 777 (8 numbers at all, but the right output according to the text is 12.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Thank you in advance.

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You are suppose to return the number of times a seven appears, so e.g. in the number 770 it appears twice. 

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