are the problems available??
@vasilmkd the round starts in 8 mins
my bad, misclicked
gl hf
Where can I find the problems?
team please share the link
In the left navigation: CodeFu Seasonal -> 2014 Autumn. it is the one which is red/purple.
the 200 point problem says : You can build the wall to block lanes "1" and "2", and later (You can't block lanes "1" and "2" since they are not adjacent.)
are there different lanes with the same number?
i guess it should be 1 and 3
You can't block lanes "1" and "3" since they are not adjacent.
yes. it is corrected now.
thank you
For task 300. Can we buy, for example, 5 tanks in one day?
@Denis yes, you can buy as many tanks as you want. as long as you have enough money.
@anikov for task 300, if i buy 5 people the first day, when will i have 5$ made from them? at the end of the first day , or the next day?
vo 400 dali sirenjeto na radiacija megu sosedite se vrsi vo istata minuta? ili sekoja minuta zracenjeto se prenesuva na samo 1 sosed?
@yoyoyoman you buy the workers in the morning and the money is available in the evening (to be used next morning).
@Goran1 zrachenjeto se prenesuva sekogash na eden sosed, vo zavisnost vo koja nasoka duva veterot.
For task 200, only one wall can be built? For example if the wallWidth is 5, can I build one wall with width 2 and another one with width 3?
ako se A, B, C sosedi i na desno e zracenjeto vo taa minuta, dali i C ke bide ozracen ili samo B?
@wodahs you can build only one wall.