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Subject Using online solutions

Isn't it against the rules or at least against the ethical code to use solutions posted online? 

For example many of the top scoring players at the 2014 Autumn match used this solution for the 500 problem (and thus having identical solutions). 

In my opinion this is not fair and it puts in disadvantage the players that devised the solution themselves. Which is the point of this coding competition, not to be able to find a solution online. 

Anyway even if it's not against the official rules, I think it should be discouraged and regarded as very unethical practice.

Even more so when it affects who gets the prize. 

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I saw that you removed the solutions in question, but there is one more,, the only one left with 100% correct results, which is copied from here

It's very easy to spot illegal solutions like this and might be good idea to add identical solutions checker that will detect identical and illegal solutions automatically.

Also to maintain the quality of the CodeFu competions there should be some penalites for the users that try to manipulate the system. I'm not sure what TopCoder and others do in cases like this. 

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The results for the round were altered only for the duplicated code submissions.

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