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Subject Postponement of 2nd online round

I checked the Codefu calendar and noticed that 2nd round is scheduled for May 10 which coincides with Skopje Marathon. Is it possible to change the date of that round, or at least to postpone it for at least 3-4 hours, because the marathon starts at 09:00 and I'm not sure if I could be ready to participate in both competitions, and it would be a huge handicap to participate in only one round.

Thank you in andvance.

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I second this. I don't know why every year they schedule one of the main competition rounds on the same day as the marathon.

I guess only programs run at Netcetera?

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We've discussed these complaints and also other circumstances about the second online round, and we decided to postpone it for one week. 

Officially, Online Round 2 will be held on May 17th: 

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