za arno za ubo neka e
good morning everyone
good morning nasadigital
Good morning
Gl hf
sto se dvojkite do iminjata na nekoi?
@all gl;hf
Good luck all
@all admins of this competition are @nasadigital and @w1cker
we prapered some easy tasks
za vtorata, dali ako dve differing arrays se isti, treba da se vazat dva pati ili ednas?
For the third problem are we obligated to change K digits?
for example, what would happen if K=1 and bill={"999","999"}
@Lepluto No, it says up to K
Oh, yes it does
I'm blind
@Lepluto no problem
RealNero treba da se vazata 2 pati da..
@ReaLNero look the note in the task ...
second problem: what if a number is zero? is it positive?
Problem 400: "K will be between 2 and 1000000007 inclusive"