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Subject New programming language versions (java 1.8, c++11)

For quite some time Java 1.6 was used in the compilation system. I see here that you updated the compilers.

Not long ago i switched to C++ and I just tried compiling some c++11 code in the practice arena, but it does not seem to work.

Is the command line parametar -std=g++11 specified?

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I have a problem too, with Java. I get compile errors on some test cases, but it works on other test cases. This has been fixed for the last contest, but it still appears in practice.

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Can you post the code that is causing problems?

I'll investigate it afterwards.

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This has some c++ 11 features. It should be compiled with additional compiler flag.

gcc -std=c++11 file.cpp ....


gcc -std=gnu++11 file.cpp ....
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