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Subject CodeFu 2017 Finals Dev Environment

Same as the previous years, this year's codefu finals will be held onsite at Skopje City Hall.

Everyone will be working on the machines that will be available there, and the development software will be preinstalled on them.

The rules for choosing the preinstalled software are: 

- Environments for developing in the four available programming languages: Java, C#, C++, Python
- Maximum 2 IDEs per programming language (because we have to install them, and it can be quite time and resources consuming)
- Free software, no registration needed.
- Works under Windows 7, 64bit architecture.
- Light to medium weight.
- Applies to more common compilers and libraries. 

The preinstalled software will be:

- JDK 1.8_92 
- Eclipse SDK, Mars 2

- .NET framework 4.5
- Xamarin Studio (ex MonoDevelop)

- CodeBlocks 16.01 with MinGW

Python: (Only on demand)
- Python 3.4.3 runtime
- PyDev plugin for Eclipse or PyCharm

If you have other reasonable suggestions, please discuss them here. If you have individual requests, send them to

Installing additional custom software and tools, or using printed / electronic materials onsite is strictly forbidden.

During the finals, the practice section will be completely disabled.

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Hi, can you please include IntelliJ IDEA for Java? It's more modern and faster than Eclipse in my opinion.

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There will be IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm (both the community edition) but only on demand.

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