I am confused about the rules. Who is non-eligible to win a prize?
From the rules: "Have to be an active highschool student, university student, alumni or postgraduate or having graduated or postgraduated in year of competing"
Why does it say "in year of competing"?
If the person graduated at any time it's already alumni and thus is elgible to win a prize.
if you graduate 2021 january, you are eligible for a prize until december 2021
ah, I see the point of alumni... we will change the wording...
ok, I thought it's a typo, but it has been there since the very begining so I thought to ask now when I am no longer a student
Morning peeps
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can you use newer Java versions, or is it Java 8 as before?
it is still java 8. we will change the java version to 11 for the next round.
what about python version?
konecno c++11?
we were focused on the new arena in the last period. the update of the testing subsystems will follow for the next round.
new design looks pretty nice, GJ
istite biblioteki za c++ se kako porano?
@spectrra se' ushte da, rabotime na toa da mrdneme i vo taa nasoka
Hopefully soon