Morning guys
All ready ?
Good luck and have fun !
gl hf
code runs locally but get's a runtime error on codefu
any suggestions?
Let me have a look
which task ?
I assume it's okay now @forelax
Everything okay with everyone ? Way too quiet for my taste
the new arena wasn't working for me, test didn't do anything and chat didn't work
Is this the case for everyone else ?
Was it the entire time @martinkozle ?
At first the arena wasn't responsive, but after a reload it worked just fine
ERRORline 0: Server error occured. Please try again later. If the error persists, contact the adminstrators. What is the problem?
Checking it out
@MODDI There seems to be an issue with your solution. I'm looking into it.
Can you please remove any "cout" invocations from your code ?
k I will try 1 sec
Still doesn't work
when does it end?
@MODDI Please submit your code and file a complaint after the competition.
@MODDI If the issue is on our end we will accept the solution if it's correct.