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good morning
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Sorry about that guys. Slight technical issues. You can begin now, a broadcast will follow shortly.
100: definition of a closer stone?(what kind of a distance?)
@spectrra Euclidean.
what about ties?
@forelax You can have a look at this case: findWinner({"1;1","0;0"}, {"1;1"}) = "1;0"
Also: The number of points won by each team is the number of stones that are closer to the center than the other team's closest stone.
I meant a tie amongst the closest stones
The answer you need to return is in the following format: ";", where country_index is
task 2 might be missing text
Ouch, thanks @forelax - fixing it immediately
For 200: will all countries compete in all sports? Will there be same number of ; across all strings in countries array?
na koja python verzija enviromentot?
@AnixDrone 3.4.3
@Goran1 Yes, all countries will compete in all sports. There will not be a case where a country does not compete in a specific sport.