Morning everyone
Good morning everyone
Good luck and have fun guys
The round is starting soon
100: It says "Note 2: An overtake happens in a sector if after the end of the sector the interval is strictly negative."
same remark as @ReaLNero
Is this correct? Can you check if it has to be strictly negative or non-positive? The test cases seem to be the latter
@ReaLNero @forelax Yup, thanks guys. Changing the text in a bit.
Unhandled Runtime error occured? I don't see a problem on 200
@spectrra Looking into it, give me a minute.
@spectrra Likely due to a difference in C++ versions, there are issues with you defining global/static variables outside the class body. Please add them inside and it should work
(the ones you're using and changing at least)
@spectrra Did you resolve the issue ?
the problem seems to be the conversion function
Not quite, just add all of your global methods/variables that you're using within the class body
It should work then
:/ ....
It's fine, just leave it as is and dispute it after the competition
Focus on the other problems
nooo, just as we thought there wouldn't be any "separated with the ';' character" and then there's the 500