Interview: Aleksandar Despotovski

More than a month has passed from our final CodeFu round, and we're happy to say it was a great one :) Still gathering our impressions, we chatted a bit with the second place winner, Aleksandar Despotovski.


  • Why did you sign up for CodeFu?

I signed up for CodeFu because of my love for algorithms and my strive to compete. I’ve always enjoyed programming competitions, and CodeFu was just another opportunity for me to prove myself. The main prize was also compelling, I’ve never been to the Jazoon conference before, and I certainly had a goal to be one of the top three contestants to go to Zürich.

  • What was the biggest challenge on CodeFu?

The 500 – problems, haha, I’d come up with a solution only after the end of the competition. The biggest challenge on CodeFu is to be fast and efficient in your problem-solving, and for that, you have to constantly train and improve. You can’t just expect to go out there and win the grand prize, you have to put the work in.

  • What is your biggest learning from this years’ competition?

My biggest learning from this years’ competition is that persistence pays off. If you set your goals straight and you work really hard, anything is possible. I’ve spent many hours practising and learning for this competition, and to go and win the main prize, it feels truly special.

  • See you next year?

Yes, I will definitely sign up for CodeFu next year!