Standard Competition

Each problem will be tested with 100 test cases.
The scoring will be according to the following algorythm:

  • 50% - 89% cases correct - 25% of the problem points
  • 90% - 99% cases correct - 50% of the problem points
  • 100% cases correct - 100% of the problem points

The final score of the competitor is the sum of all submitted problems scores.


Shortest Solution Competition

The shortest solution competition is scoring the number of non blank characters used to correctly solve the problem.
Only solutions with are 100% correct will receive points.

Solutions are rated according the non blank characters.
Blanks, tabs, newline characters are not counted.

The number of characters of the correct solution are substracted from 500 to get the score.

E.g. If a solution has 192 non blank characters, the solution gets 500-192=308 points.

The solution gets the points only if it passes ALL 100 test cases.