Shortest 1 Wrap up

This shortest was a very fierce competition.

It started with some competitors submitting solutions with 400-500 characters, and it ended with some solutions being only 104 characters in total.

It turned out that shortest competition is not short in coding at all.
For a good solution of one problem, it was needed to program / optimize the code for at least 3-4 hours.

And the winner is: BojanKostadinov

Special congratulations to all competitors with more than 1000 points: BojanKostadinov, Vojce, prankmaster, SkyDriver, Goran, lazzrov, bojanserafimov and acker.

Also special congratulations to best problem solutions:

Problem 100: Goran with 396 points
Problem 200: Vojce with 329 points
Problem 300: hsilomedus with 311 points
Problem 400: anikov with 261 points
Problem 500: BojanKostadinov with 145 points