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Highscores: 1st in CodeFu Community: Community 6
1st in CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 5
3rd in CodeFu Community: Community 11
Last events: CodeFu Seasonal: 2022 Autumn
CodeFu Seasonal: 2022 Summer
CodeFu 2022: Online Round 2
CodeFu 2022: Online Round 1

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Date Competition Position Points
27.02.2011 CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 1 9th 936/1500
25.03.2011 CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 2 9th 822/800
28.05.2011 CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 3 10th 572/1500
07.02.2012 CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 5 1st 1218/1500
27.04.2012 CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 6 3rd 1074/600
16.03.2013 CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 7 7th 398/600
20.09.2015 CodeFu Community: Community 6 1st 1500/1500
11.10.2015 CodeFu Community: Community 7 6th 350/1500
27.11.2016 CodeFu Community: Community 11 3rd 750/1500
18.08.2018 CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 10 7th 1827/1500
18.03.2020 CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 11 5th 2034/920
22.04.2021 CodeFu Shortest Solution: Shortest 12 4th 1186/600

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